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Naprawa i Serwis Skuterów Śnieżnych - Mobilny Mechanik do sprzętów zimowych Warszawa

How to Keep your sled running its best: Mid Season Maintenance

This week Dan goes over some Mid Season Maintenance to keep your sled running its best.

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Youtube Serwis Skuterów Śnieżnych, Jeśli szukasz autoryzowanego punktu serwisowego do pojazdów zimowych, takich jak skutery specjalne, skutery śnieżne czy can am to dobrze trafiłeś. Skutery śnieżne – serwis. skutery śnieżne w Warszawie. Skuter śnieżny to zimowy pojazd, który został przystosowany do bezpiecznej jazdy po śniegu oraz lodzie. Warszawa Serwis Skuterów Śnieżnych – Dzwoń i umów mechanika z dojazdem w Warszawie.

Naprawy i przeglądy skuterów śnieżnych 4T oraz 2T (Yamaha , Arctic Cat , Ski Doo). Wykonujemy naprawy bieżące oraz powypadkowe.

33 thoughts on “How to Keep your sled running its best: Mid Season Maintenance

  1. Can you do a video on power valve cleaning? I heard you say you don't do it because of the VES Extreme oil but do they still not require cleaning or being checked at some point?

  2. Another Awesome video. Thanks for all the tips on maintenance. Most I already do but nice to learn new or different ways.
    Question… what google bag is that you have & how is it mounted over the cooker? Been looking for ways to keep my googles warm & ready to use.

  3. Great tips!! Never thought of or heard of burning the loose threads off the track edges. Would like to seen a demo of it, do you use a standard propane torch? What about the fuel filter? What kind of tools do you carry in the back country to replace a quick drive belt?

  4. As usual, another informative video.  Noticed you carry a spare Direct Drive belt.  Would really appreciate a video covering replacement of this belt in the backcountry, or at least in your shop without any specialty tools.  Since there is no tensioning/adjustment mechanism on this belt and it's a tight fit, it looks difficult to replace.

  5. Great conetent. Been following since slednecks. Quick question. When I'm sidehilling and go to turn up hill, what is the best way to get back to the neutral position? I find myself going up hill opp. foot forward. Super goofy and doesn't work.

  6. 400-500 miles, that sled is just coming out of break-in. Not a bad idea to swap out spark plugs and clean the power valves after running rich on break-in.

  7. With your input with the oem …please ask them to stop using every different bolt / fastener they can find ….torx are crap compared to a shouldered hex head 10 /12 mm … fewer tools needed and less chance of stripping fasteners esp in the backcountry ….

  8. Great video, as well as keeping it running its best its also a great piece of mind from a reliability standpoint. Its nice to trust this machine knowing you have looked it all over.

  9. I am not a Polaris guy but I feel the Polaris Ambassadors are more informed and better suited to explain the equipment better than any other Ambassadors. I'm on the fence about getting a Polaris for next season.

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